Hannah has proven to be worth her weight in gold (and she’s quite tall!) when it comes to personal training. Although I was originally signed up for her explosiveness training, I’ve had quite a few setbacks in terms of injuries and Hannah has been more than accommodating. She tailored a rehab program to deal with tendinitis in my knee, and gives me daily online check-ups to ensure that I’m making progress, adjusting my program as the pain in my knee reduces. So far, I have experienced a marked reduction in pain and increase in general stability and flexibility. In the meantime she’s got me on a tailored program to maintain my general fitness and strength with my primary sport (basketball) in mind. I am very pleased with the service thus far, and look forward to moving on to the explosiveness program in earnest when I’m properly back on my feet, with the comforting knowledge that Hannah has my back every step of the way.

Grant Barclay

Hannah is a great personal trainer! I’m currently doing a vertical jump program with her, almost finished my 12 weeks and I’ve gone from barely being able to touch a basketball rim to being able to dunk a basketball! At the start of the 12 weeks, she listened to what I wanted to achieve and then ran some tests to see what aspect of jumping I was most deficient in – and developed my program from there. My personal program includes many fun, unorthodox exercises. Some of them I wouldn’t know where to begin with but, with Hannah’s S&C experience, I find myself doing exercises I didn’t even know existed. She manages to explain and demonstrate the technique properly so I can get the maximum benefit from performing them. I cannot recommend Hannah highly enough. At every PT session she has a very relaxed attitude, however, still managing to push me to my max potential as I feel she only has my best interests at the forefront of her mind. She has helped me achieve what I wanted to achieve and I have no doubt that she will with you too!

Euan Newlands

Professional service and bespoke training offered by Hannah has produced noticeable improvements in my performance.

Philip Horey

Sessions with Hannah are well structured, very effective, and adaptable. I have been working with Hannah for a few months, and have already seen an improvement in upper body and core strength. The sessions are hard work, but they don’t get boring, and Hannah is great to work with. Highly recommend.

Eric McKinley

I highly recommend Hannah as a personal trainer! With each and every session she helps me reach my full physical potential. Her sessions are well planned and her positive energy and great sense of humor create a very effective working out environment. I always leave the gym feeling better than before.

Ella Alexander

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